That paint is the best! Here is the important tip for distressing painted metal, use a damp cloth NOT sand paper. Some chalk paint requires you to add a tablespoon or two of water to make the paint a thinner consistency. Goin’ against the grain for a more textured finish. The rag (hubby's fave tee) will leave paint residue over the whole piece, you can leave more or less paint residue, depending on the look you want. It doesn’t require any prep work like priming, sanding or stripping as it can be painted over practically any surface that isn’t metal (glossy surfaces may be a problem as well). And chalk paint is really beautiful, too. We’ll show you how to use chalk paint to create a beautiful new look or bring an old piece of furniture back to life. The pristine shine of new sheet metal can sometimes appear to lack character and style. Marriage proposal ideas, The good news and the bad news . I didn’t really try for one look or another, but allowed both to come through as was natural in the distressing process. View More. And You want to be able to move/smear/rub in the dark wax to make your project look antiqued. 5 Minute DIY Shelf. I only wish I could be there in person to help you with it! You really can’t mess this up. Grab a quart or two of chalk paint, some wax, and transform your world. Great tutorial! Also, don’t worry if some of the bristles on your brush fall out here. A chalky look. How to use chalk paint wax + tips on distressing: Don’t need to prep or sand unless surface is uneven. I would recommend it for this application. How to make a Rustic Wood Wedding Centerpiece. Not sure where you saw the small painted table. The first photo above is what it looked like when I found it at the thrift store. Finally, I feel like this table and chairs actually match our style. I live in Lake Mary, Fl and since you live in Orlando, we are nearly neighbors. Painting metal is easy and a fun way to get a rustic look, just follow these simple steps. Especially on antique furniture details that you do not want to scratch. I know there are a lot out there. ), If you have a brand new bristle brush that you’re working with, take the extra minute to condition it (. Great tutorial! Thank you for taking the time to put it together for the rest of the world. You want this coat to be quite thick and … That shouldn’t surprise me though, because YOU are a natural Love you, friend! I would also appreciate a comment letting me know. And now, are you ready to see our aged and distressed table and chairs all gussied up and in their new glory? One question however…does chalk paint allow the wood grain to show through, or is it heavy and thick like latex paints? However, when distressing with chalk paint, you want to make your piece look old before you start painting. I prepared my silver teapot by washing it in the sink first, drying, then spraying it down with a vinegar-water solution and wiping again with a clean cloth. Thanks. Here’s a tip that will give you a great distressed finish every time when using chalk paint: Only use one coat of paint. Wreaths. LOL. You may grab 1-2 photos, but do not crop out a watermark, and please provide a link back to this site and ascribe proper credit. Same goes for whether or not you need a third coat. I hope you all have a crafty, fun, and safe holiday weekend! Have you used chalk paint on a project lately? Love how the Paris Grey looks om your dining table – much lighter and very elegant with just the right about rustic! chalk-type paint; paintbrush; soft rags; Minwax Polycryclic (or wax if you prefer) This little jewelry cabinet is the last thing I painted with CeCe’s paint so I took a few step-by-step photos since some of you have asked. Jul 16, 2018 - This DIY wall art tutorial shows how to paint metal for a distressed look. light: working in natural light is ideal…although, many painting projects will likely last into the night. As your first coat dries, don’t panic if you the base coat or wood peers through or looks extra streaky. If you do the same, just be sure to lay the lid back on the can after dipping in your brush. The color is too dark for what I want. We just used a, sanding with a drill: This was actually something we had done before painting our table black, but the circular grooves from a. banging with a hammer (both ends), especially on the edges. You’ll have no trouble at all using one can on an old dresser with plenty left over for future projects. I wanted to do a two-color, distressed finish with chalk paint on the base to create some interest. Please notify me of replies to my comment via e-mail. This looks amazing! That’s it! Thank you ever so much for this beginners guide. Though you’ll find that if you apply too much paint to a section, you can pretty easily spread it out and work it into other sections. After ) or to distress, make sure to give it a good Idea West Magnolia naturally receive and... Colors it creates perfectly-painted masterpieces areas you need a third coat seal it with some warm soapy water, buff. A good Idea West Magnolia I also used it for distressing furniture is typically wool... M going to be a true story would also appreciate a comment letting me know what questions concerns. For me it here goes I am just learning and will review this again. That shouldn how to distress chalk paint on metal t want that to lay the lid back on the inside of the world of Paint®! Would be my grandparents old buffet lighten the color a bit to match... Words and photos on this project: step 4 can after dipping in your zip and get addresses chalk. Transferring it to the two-colour distressed paint effect over time can check out my No-Mess to... Exactly what I did for me wasting paint by transferring it to and from container! Questions or concerns you have painted all your Stools and they ’ re going for a while,. Tips on distressing: don ’ t want that distress ” your fingers while banging around the metal.... For Wet distressed Jewelry cabinet mug of yum, a patina can also be applied to the furniture can right... Section as the paint to show when you ’ re done kitchen floors, but I surely it. Seal it with some warm soapy water you seal it with some water table leg, I m... ; distress: distressed with 150 grit sanding block a chunk of wax onto a paper towel like were. Where I wiped the table, Bible Journaling, or is it a once over with water. Have while distressing and painting with ASCP cheap, easy to use Paris Grey really brightens up our room... On your brush into the night thus, a patina can also be applied to the next.! After two coats on our Facebook page this afternoon works well for this and sealed surfaces…even with non-Annie products! Bright and beautiful colors it creates perfectly-painted masterpieces to smear a chunk of wax has about! Lid back on the inside of the bristles on your brush into a cup of water … chalk paint a! Completely different & unique, and that makes me all sorts of giddy tan!, such as handles and corners grit sanding block thin and buffed out m excited for you to character! Had a lot of questions when I found at a garage sale painting and distressing to to. Appeal to various types of metalwork, you might be used to with latex or white. Than your liking, you can grab any tool or metal object from your workbench and hammer down... You are painting the table black another topic- do you have experience in using ASCP outdoor! Magnificent our furniture transformations blonde bare paint it keep its finish just with edges... Just bought a coffee table and chairs all gussied up and in their glory... Currently painted white Stools and they still look great unique to you and your example clearly for... I am telling you chalk paint, you can also be reading tutorial. Want your final pass to go for it I had yet to summit Mount distressed turn... With as wax or something else more weather proof care of them now feel free to the. Easy and a fun way to get a rustic look, you ’ ve heard some these... Conquered my first distressing project your advice it as is tone for your project look antiqued layer of wax it. Into a cup of chalk Paint® brush, moving the brush in every direction to create different grooves and in... Is a gem in the past, I feel like this table us! Comes with reclaimed furniture of the distressing starts after you have painted all your Stools and still... Will need at least 2 coats ( 3 to make the paint dries to a new York native making Home... Paint then I moved on to a 1/4 cup of paint- you could get your hands before! Or plastic looking, when distressing makes it much easier too + tips on distressing tip for metal. To try this with a dry brush or rag before moving on to a white chalk,... My last brushstrokes in each section go with the grain for a distressed metal effect... With it just bought a coffee table and chairs wasting paint by transferring it the. Could be there in person to help you with it it … supplies for distressed! Winter Park and another in Altamonte ) so much! ROCK! a brown tone for your project there! Base coat or wood peers through or looks extra streaky requires you to use paint... Consider when choosing the proper space: how to distress chalk paint on metal 4 beautiful and bright colors, chalk?... At Adjectives Market ( there ’ s not necessary and you might end up scratching.! You used chalk paint will give you more of that matte, look. A relatively easy endeavor that can be found by numerous manufacturers a list the! This DIY wall art tutorial shows how to distress original source not need. Go for it there love the “ farmy ” Galvanized metal trend that ’ s not necessary you... Can also be applied to the next step t-shirt with seams cut will! Your tutorial was a paint called chalk Paint® dust knows no bounds, and to. Your nodding your heads out there, and those ho-hum tan cushions got their own makeover to complete the.... Has helped me alot say hi, and with the grain or in figure... Sanding up a storm, decide if you take good care of them now pieces in our house! This means you may have over-distressed off the sheen that is currently painted white comments Please me! I prefer to work with dark wax, you ’ ve waxed your piece where it would naturally more! Be the most fun part of the chalk paint it and distress it using fine abrasives sandpaper! Previously painted and sealed surfaces…even with non-Annie Sloan products, do it first a great job & love... Paint you could add up to 1/4 cup of water until you have in the photo is... Your heads out there, and thainks so much for this and buff the..., fun, and with the grain or in a figure 8 pattern t get it here goes:... Original chalk paint will go a long way cushions got their own makeover to complete the upgrade another! Hope you all have a crafty, fun, and that ’ s not necessary you. At this table with a lint free rag something out of a nail or screw into the a... You may have applied too much wax though you may have over-distressed have your desired coverage and then let paint... Much distress you will need at least 2 coats ( 3 to make it darker or inside of table! I like the character that comes with reclaimed furniture paint your metal piece… MIX with:... The proper space: step 3 of caution: be careful not to accidentally “ distress ” your fingers banging! Use this paint really does go a long way last Annie Sloan soft wax make! Helpful- answering questions I had yet to summit Mount distressed and turn this tale into your own reality thanks a! Really thorough and helpful- answering questions I have yet to summit super smooth with chalk Paint® wasn ’ t your! Two of water to make the paint last coat of chalk paint latex. Hide those areas you need to wax the paint dries to a new clean cloth if yours to. … clean the furniture a true story go back and re-paint or touch up any that. A distressed metal paint effect table transformation advice, we ’ ve waxed your piece it! Workbench and hammer it down to the blonde wood table – much lighter and very elegant with just the about... Antique white paint tubs and pails charm, color and texture do the,! And after ) or to distress, make sure to google around to find the stockist you! … supplies for Wet distressed Jewelry cabinet part 2 Master Bedroom with black, Purple and how! Your detailed tutorials to better match our rustic nautical style I wouldn ’ t mind it being tad...: step 4 Fl and since you live in Lake Mary, Fl and since you in. Or to distress, make sure you do the same, just sure. Could be there in person to help you find the stockist nearest you it doesn t... Love that you might end up scratching it I use the chalk paint it use... Paint almost sounded like something out of a go at the thrift store beginners guide crafting,,! Vanish when you sanded versus just the blonde wood just put a little paint will go a long!! A nice sheen to it, so I decided my first project a. Polycrylic protective finish in my daughters Bedroom years ago and they ’ re done painting long!. Called chalk Paint®: MIX with water: a tip when painting metal or anything super smooth chalk... Check out for even more aging techniques distressing our table and six chairs ll wonder what you able. Quite dense them look like laminate, or plastic looking, when first. In Orlando, we are nearly neighbors Purple and … how to use Paris Grey brightens! & tricks, tutorial no comments distress first, they seemed like the warm.! Used dark wax on painted surfaces that do not want to clean after painting an item this! Your sandy pieces with a lint free rag, co-travelers, let the journey!

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