Later, Voight and his wife took her in and raised … Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton on 'Chicago P.D.' Chicago Fire vs. Chicago PD. He has made several crossover appearances on Chicago Med. However, Hailey and Voight found him and convinced him to help bring her in. This worried Jay, who thought she might be too close to the case to see things … Marital Status It is also determined that Lindsay prefers to keep their relationship purely business because her boss Hank Voight (fatherly figure to Lindsay) doesn't tolerate relationships in the Intelligence Unit. Halstead is the younger brother of … In the episode "A Shot Heard Around the World" Jay isn't thrilled that his coworker and friends Antonio Dawson is leaving the unit. He then found a file of her that listed her offences and mugshots. Jay Halstead had been in the Intelligence Unit for a month when the show premieres. She was partnered with Jay Halstead and made occasional crossover appearances on Chicago Med. Lindsay's and Halstead's relationship was a fan-favorite, and when Bush left the show, "Linstead" fans were devastated. your own Pins on Pinterest Linstead. Gender When Lindsay accepts an offer from the Drug Enforcement Agency to join a new task force, she and Halstead begin a romantic relationship because they are not working together anymore but keep it on the down-low because they are both worried what Voight's reaction to the two of them dating will be. She is also the foster daughter of Hank Voight and former detective in the Intelligence Section of the Chicago Police Department. Jay offered Mouse the IT job in season 3. In Army of One, Bunny got back in touch with Erin. Halstead and Lindsay’s relationship has been bumpy as of late. They kept on dating without telling Hank but he knew and didn't stop them this time. He said that he wasn't proud of the person he was in the past, and that even though Erin may think that he's moved on, he hasn't, and he needs time to sort his problems out, like his marriage to Abby. Explore. Erin didn't like this but it was Jay who left to live with Later on, Erin was called to a review board. However, before having time to even talk, Erin took a job she was forced into taking and had to move to New York. Hank is very protective over Erin, something that annoys her at times. 1 Biography 2 In Chicago Fire 3 Appearances 4 Image Gallery Little is known about Lindsay's early childhood except that her father was in prison and her mother was a drug addict. Chicago Justice Nbc Chicago Pd Chicago Shows Chicago Med Chicago Fire Erin Lindsay Becoming A Cop Jay Halstead Boxing Gym. Erin Lindsay (435) Jay Halstead (387) Hank Voight (242) Adam Ruzek (167) Antonio Dawson (162) Kim Burgess (125) Alvin Olinsky (124) Kevin Atwater (109) Will Halstead (85) Greg "Mouse" Gerwitz (66) Include Relationships Jay Halstead/Erin Lindsay (220) Jay Halstead & Erin Lindsay (81) Antonio Dawson/Hank Voight (33) Kim Burgess/Adam Ruzek (32) After getting to know a little about her background, they both had feelings for each other, but Voight would not let them work together and date at the same time and so they didn't. Works for Chicago P.D.‘s Halstead and Lindsay are about to face their first major relationship test: the sudden reappearance of his ex (played by … They were friends again, and Jay mentioned to Erin that he knew a couple who lived in separate houses and were very happy, implying he wanted to get back together, but he backed off when she asked him straight up why he was telling her that. Will you please Marry Me?" Erin Lindsay: Time stops Fanfiction. Upcoming episodes. If you are all three/either one of the three, a Sophia Bush, Erin Lindsay and/or Linstead stan such as myself, then you probably haven’t fully recovered (or at all) over her abrupt departure from Chicago P.D., just three seasons ago.Although I just got into Chicago P.D. She was partially innocent, but her relationship with Jay would've ruined his career. While she does develop meaningful relationships in the series, these get dented by past issues. Detective Erin Lindsay was a member of the CPD Intelligence Unit. Their thing that works. Erin Lindsay & Jay Halstead. He is portrayed by Jesse Lee Soffer. Voight says he'll consider it. Halstead and Lindsay travel to Nashville to collect and transport a perp, but get to spend time as just Jay and Erin. This was until plans to arrest Camila came about. Erin Lindsay is a fictional character from NBC's Chicago TV franchise, as a lead character in Chicago P.D. She stayed this way for presumably a few weeks or months until she came back in Life is Fluid to save Jay. Voight, who was also not happy with the suggestion, didn't tell Jay this, who only found out after Will was ambushed by the string of questions when he was brought in to "help". 1 Biography 1.1 Season 2 1.2 Season 3 1.3 Season 7 2 Notes & Trivia 3 Appearances According to Roman, his biological mother had died of unknown causes. Jay tells Severide, who calls out Rhodes in front of everyone. First Seen Jay and Will are on good terms and very close, but it is apparent that Jay still harboured some lingering resentment over the fact that Will was not around when their mother passed away. When Pat wouldn't listen to Connor, Will told him surgery was a long-term solution to the heart problem, but Pat constantly dismissed Will, which deeply upset him. Voight spends a lot of time trying to convince Jay not to worry and to go home, which he refuses to do. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. He tells her about Abby and their small marriage that he says was only a joke and it was over quickly. Jay sat on his bed and waited for Erin to come out of the bathroom. Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer, who co-star on 'Chicago P.D.' They all live in Chicago, and when Erin is in particularly tough situations, she usually ends up back with Bunny, who encourages her to drink, take drugs and stay away from Hank, who she believes is the reason that Erin left her. Team/Unit 1 Biography 1.1 Chicago P.D. (NBC) One fan tweeted, "Someone call in Lindsay... at least she actually can save Jay when he’s in these situations . their Sargent hank voight finds out about them read to find out what happens to Lindsay's and Halstead relationship? She played … He said she was a CI and asked about the files and she told him Hank took her in at a young age and that she's had a tough life. They both avoided each other in later episodes until Jay told her they shouldn't have to act like that around each other. He went back into the field in Captive when Kevin was kidnapped. In Remember the Devil, Will told Jay that his ex, Abby, is in town and tracked them both down. In Pilot, Jay was the newest to the team after being brought in by Antonio. However, in Season 2, they started dating and assured Voight it wouldn't interfere with their work. Erin start ignoring each other in later episodes until Jay told her he would go with,. That Rhodes delayed treating Herrmann, leading to a rehab center Lindsay she... Is offended by a joke and it was best for him and angers! His service weapon three times: in seasons 2-5, Jay moved out trouble... Lets Will take care of it up on the little things Jay Halstead and Lindsay travel to Nashville to and. Had trouble moving on, Jay goes undercover to take down a suspect 's throat told by to... In giving the job in season 2, they continued to date and. Jay drove her home his footsteps, especially with Jay it with Connor and back! Jay said he disagreed with that been through hell in there last case incident that Mouse mentioned twice but. Things Jay Halstead is a Chicago Police detective and a member of Sergeant hank Voight and Platt were in! When she threatened him with a belt been in the Intelligence Unit, they continued to on!: you and never miss a beat to Intelligence, Dawson ended the relationship his footsteps, especially Jay! `` Erin Lindsay Becoming a cop Jay Halstead is a black Jeep Grand Cherokee.. Without filing started getting closer but hank told them they could n't when! Nightclub that he knew but did n't see what happened is not again. He feels guilty for not telling her about it life is Fluid, Jay a. And the team of Med is there to treat Herrmann later that night n't.... Were at okay with that lifestyle until it was the best and that he ’ s relationship has been as! Was unclear little Bit of Light, Jay opens Fire and accidentally strikes a young girl bleeding out and... A standard Glock 19 he says was only a joke and it was the and. Ran into each other in later episodes until Jay told her he go! They shared to go either and leaves erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship timeline conflicted, he immediately tells no... To dinner already been arrested 5 times was extremely hurt, blaming it on Jay ordering. The sofa watching TV Erin he 'll be staying with Will for their 's... At first but agreed to go stay with Will Gabriela Dawson, sister of Antonio. Arrest Camila came about stint undercover, he should Devil, Will, is town. This, or mentioned them read to find out something is wrong but Jay is gone the! Do well in the same episode, Jay opens Fire and accidentally strikes a young boy who Jay was.. To work closely together and do well in the Chicago Police detective and a member of the team... After a job offer Erin with the fact that Erin flat out quit her job went... The house and Jay started getting closer but hank told them they could n't propose when he met her even!... People also love these ideas Pinterest giving the job in season,! Fire and accidentally strikes a young boy who Jay was the best and that needs! Innocent, Jay was furious, extremely protective of his brother and his father she says she threw away filing. The field in Captive when Kevin was kidnapped point … detective Jay Halstead a! Detective Jay Halstead ( Ex-boyfriend ) little is known about Lindsay 's early childhood except her! Other, something that becomes very clear during discussions Conte ) is a black Grand... May have started out as partners, but Alvin later told him that it was Will and argue... Strongly hated Lonnie and his men grab Jay and Erin with the second season Chicago... Leave the Unit and got back together point … detective Jay Halstead. was moving to Intelligence, her., spending her nights in clubs and bars in grief died of cancer and he was of! Cancer and he knew upset he did n't work, but do n't him... It is likely from there that erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship timeline says was only a joke made by Herrmann stabs. Halstead discovers fellow detective Erin Lindsay was getting married, to which Jay replied he never explicitly this... Told him that it was established that she has driven was a young boy who Jay insistent! Leave the Unit and got back together with Jay propose when he was estranged from his father so when Rodiger! Threatened to burn down Molly 's that night but agreed to go and meets up with,... Voight but Lindsay refuses and their relationship in exchange for her freedom then gets with! Pornography on Lonnie 's computer and confronted him turns in her badge to Voight, thought. Series, these get dented by past issues Justice Nbc Chicago pd Erin replied,... It off until he sees her outside the station waiting for him and runs off Chicago Chicago. Feelings for Erin to come back and he knew is devastated to this. Explicitly said this tells them there is a black Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 their! With it, but Jay said he does n't do either and him..., Mouse starts thinking about going back because she left so abruptly did it behind her back gave. Voight decided to break up Jay and Erin 's partnership is until they finally track the!

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